Travels from: Berlin

(Rekids, A R T S, VOLTAGE Imprint)

Growing up in Berlin, originating from Ukraine, Chontane started playing in his city’s clubs at the mere age of 19. Starting things off with a residency at the Krach nights in Humboldthain and now having played at some of the most prestigious clubs like Tresor, ://about blank, OHM, and Griessmuehle, Chontane can be increasingly found blurring the lines between techno, breaks, and electro in the German capital.

Part of the new wave of producers more invested in sound design and razor-sharp productions than ever before, Chontane’s early studies in music and sound design allow for surgical precision; the results of which can be found in his densely produced tracks. His sound is anything but conforming, pulling in UK-style rhythms rethought at times through twitchy IDM arrangements to add to his recognizable punch. As a result, his tracks stand at a stylistic crossroads between various dance genres, easily slipping into just about anyone’s tracklist if their goal is to get people moving.

With his first record release in 2018 still receiving praise and support, Chontane has wasted no time in reaffirming his capabilities. With another successful collaborative release on Magic Power with WERK co-founder J.Manuel and a 4 track EP on the Special Projects sub-label of Radio Slave’s Rekids imprint, his most anticipated release yet is on standard-setting label ARTS in 2021.

With his roots grown deep in the world’s techno capital, Chontane’s career is well on its way to becoming international, having joined the VOLTAGE roster in 2021. Ready to push boundaries and surprise partygoers with unexpected blends to fire off his erratic taste in music, Chontane’s mixes and productions represent today’s necessity for the perfect balance between consistent innovation and guaranteed efficiency.

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