Podcast / 10 July 2021

6SISS on Rote Sonne's Podcast series

This set invariably encompass a variety of styles, drifting seamlessly between straight drum and bass with heavy bass lines and percussive energy to broken techno and gritty break beats. Discover some new 6SISS tracks inside.

More info about the artist

Peter Adriaenssens is a returning New Beat veteran who started releasing 6SISS material in 2013. 6SISS’ music combines driving rhythms with ominous, desiccated samples and withered pads that call to mine militant soundscapes. With releases on R&S Records & UX he provides bruising off kilter rhythms stagger and lurch in mesmerising ways that undercut the 4:4 hegemony to confuse and delight dancefloors in equal measure.

From deep and broken techno to more industrial vibes, exploring timeless motifs that have echoed through the years from their 90’s origins break beats and brings them up to date with his intricate touches and 6SISS signature layers.

This year forthcoming releases on HEX and Leyla.

Together with Killawatt, 6SISS combine to form a new project under the guise of MOTIVE POWER. A simple and shared passion for broken, sub-heavy technoid beats with releases on Tommy Four Seven 47 label.