Releases / 09 June 2021

Border One remix for Albert Chiovenda [ANAØH]

Australian talent Albert Chiovenda is the man behind the latest package that will see digital and cassette formats released on the Mexican label ANAØH, featuring a multitude of remixes including Viels, Inigo Kennedy, Divide, Alex Dolby and Border One.

Last one named, Border One, selected the track “Floating The Void” and turned it into the relentless, raw ride it became. A thumping and pumping beat is met with droning background textures and abstract bell tones and string plucks that light up the airwaves with wonder and intensity.

ANAØH is a Mexican record label that is of the upmost quality. Their music selections and contemporary design are married together in sweet style, and they list appearances from artists such as Ricardo Garduno, Patrik Skoog, d_func. aka Alexander Kowalski, and Temudo.