Releases / 09 June 2021

Chontane landing 4-track EP on A R T S Records

After joining our very own VOLTAGE Agency, new kid on the block Chontane has scored himself a full EP on ARTS Records, named 'Woodlands'. Premieres feature HATE and NovaFuture.

A1 Ecosphere
A2 Miaso
B1 Our Desire
B2 Ice Field

A first glance on what to expect:

Berlin artist Chontane joins ARTS White with a clubby four-track release, including a digital bonus track. The A1 track, 'Echosphere', is a trip back to the good old 90s, building on a fast tribal groove, emotional pads, strings, and chords. A2, 'Miaso', is a powerful, futuristic and dark club stomper, combining aggressive drums and raw soundscapes. The B1 'Our Desire' is a fast, playful and yet effective techno cut. Followed by the closing track, Ice Field, which is marked by strong dubby chords and raw drums. Last but not least is the puristic and groovy digital bonus track 'Ivy'. The smooth chords combined with fast and clean drum sounds conclude this release perfectly.